SIRIN is a Ukrainian + Western volunteer network working to fill urgent, persistent supply gaps of mission-essential equipment for all Ukrainian spec ops. Focusing on night vision, thermal optics, and milspec drones in their supply efforts, they also help fundraise for and collaborate with other support organizations like our own.


Among the most forward-deployed western support groups in this war, Dynamic has been providing training to Ukrainian Armed Forces since March and constitute one of the most hands-on groups within the SIRIN network. As different orgs consolidate their efforts, Dynamic continues to lead collaborative initiatives with other partners, attracting new qualified personnel and resources to the task at hand.


When it comes to making an impact on the ground, few western NGOs exceed Darkhorse Benefits. Founded by a US Navy SEAL and made up of former SOCOM medics, the group has been providing tactical combat casualty training (TCCC), IFAKs, and MRE rations to the Ukrainian military in increasing volume since the February 2022 invasion began. As one of the most trusted organizations in the SIRIN Network, Darkhorse continues to provide resources and personnel to joint projects we conduct throughout Ukraine.


Beyond their manufacture of custom firearm parts, accessories, and tactical equipment, S3F proved themselves since February 2022 to be one of the most active supporters of the Ukrainian war effort, especially at the grassroots / NGO aid level. Whether helping us find the best suppliers or connecting us with in-country units, we simply love what these guys do. Among other things, we’re super excited to see their new OSINT channel, Project Leaflet take off.


One of the best OSINT aggregator channels out there, Project Leaflet scours the darkest depths of Russian and Ukrainian social channels, serving up fresh and fast updates each day. In the near future, this media venture by S3F Solutions will also partner with Battles & Beers to conduct on the ground interviews with Ukrainian and Western volunteer soldiers regarding their combat experiences.


One of the most prolific non-profits on the ground today in Ukraine, Atlas Global Aid has already directly supplied hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crucial kit to frontline units — items including helmets, protective armor, medical kits, sleeping bags and winter weather gear. In partnership with SIRIN, they will be helping to do the same with night vision and thermal optics.

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